Photo Shoot – Portraits at Night

Photo Shoot – Portraits at Night


Usually, my portrait shoots take place by day – and mostly in the green or indoors.

This time everything is different. This time I’ll show you photos I made late at night in downtown Vienna. From Delia, whose wish was to take photos in the evening Vienna.

In order to provide the necessary light, I have the Icelight Used – A handy, small light source that allows a beautiful, discreet illumination. (At this point, thank you to my friend, Mel, who made himself available as a light assistant that evening)

All in all it was a very relaxed shoot, with great photos at night!

001-fotoshooting-portra%cc%88t-wien-innenstadt-zentrum-nacht-abend-strasse-cochic-photography-ako_8995-bearbeitet-bearbeitet 003-fotoshooting-portra%cc%88t-wien-innenstadt-zentrum-nacht-abend-strasse-cochic-photography-ako_9048-bearbeitet-2004-fotoshooting-portra%cc%88t-wien-innenstadt-zentrum-nacht-abend-strasse-cochic-photography-ako_9059-bearbeitet-2 005-fotoshooting-portra%cc%88t-wien-innenstadt-zentrum-nacht-abend-strasse-cochic-photography-ako_9067-bearbeitet-bearbeitet008-fotoshooting-portra%cc%88t-wien-innenstadt-zentrum-nacht-abend-strasse-cochic-photography-ako_9165 006-fotoshooting-portra%cc%88t-wien-innenstadt-zentrum-nacht-abend-strasse-cochic-photography-ako_9098-bearbeitet 009-fotoshooting-portra%cc%88t-wien-innenstadt-zentrum-nacht-abend-strasse-cochic-photography-ako_9244

Would you like to have a photo shoot in Vienna?

Please contact me, I’m looking forward to hearing form you!

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