Vienna | Photoshoot Experience

The most beautiful photos 

of you and

your beloved ones

in vienna

Have you ever gone on a holiday having enjoyed

the stunning landscapes or beautiful architecture

and when coming home realized:

There are no good photos of yourself and your partner or family?

Sure, you might have some pictures on your phone but while they might be some good memories, they are not the photos you were looking for?

Book a professional photographer

who is able to capture once in a lifetime moments

with you and your loved ones!

Let me introduce you the Photo Experience Tour Vienna

The Photo Experience Tour will lead you to
some of the most beautiful places in Vienna
where I will take breathtaking portraits of you.

You will get to see hidden, off the tourist path spots as well as
famous streets and buildings in the historical centre.

Our itinerary:

Albertina museum, Opera House, the Hofburg,
Volksgarten and at the end some small streets in the centre.
No matter if you want to have photos of yourself, with family,
partner or friends - we will take multiple candid and
posing shots at jaw-dropping locations.

These will be photos that your friends, family and followers will envy you for :)

You will receive 15 photos in high resolution so you can print them out and 
hang them on your wall or add them to your holiday album.

If you think you are not photogenic or you are shy in front of the camera, don't worry! 

I will guide you concerning posing and make sure that you feel comfortable!
I like to give my photos a natural and unposed look.


Here are some photos from previous Photo Shoots

Here is how it works

Contact Me

Get in touch with me via Email or WhatsApp and let me know your preferred date and time for the photo shoot.

Emai: andreas@cochic-photography.com
WhatsApp: +43 699 195 41 200

The Experience

Enjoy the time and the experience and let me take unforgettable portraits of you at some of the most famous and astounding sites in Vienna.

You do not need to feel photogenic for this photo shoot, I will guide you and do my best to make this a XYZ experience for you!

Your Photos

After our shoot you will receive a link to a gallery where you can choose your favourite 15 photos. These I will edit and send to you within one day.

 You can view and download them on your phone, tablet or Laptop/PC.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does this tour take?
The "Photoshoot Experience Tour" will take about 45 minutes.
Where will the tour take us?
My most common itinerary is:

Albertina museum, Opera House, the Hofburg,
Volksgarten and at the end some small streets in the centre. 
No matter if you want to have photos of yourself, with family, 
partner or friends - we will take multiple candid and 
posing shots at jaw-dropping locations.

However, you can let me know if you have some other locations in mind. I'm flexible :)
(This is only possible for private tours)

How many people can join this tour?
There is no minimum requirement. I can do the tour with only one person. 
Up to 6 people can join this tour. These can be six individuals, three couples, one big group or any combination.

How many photos do I get and when do I get them?
You will receive 15 fully edited photos from the shoot. You can select your favorite photos from a gallery.
Couples and families get 20 photos.

How much does the photo shoot tour cost?
Joining the photo shoot tour costs 49 Euros per person.
Private shoots cost 69 Euros per person. (private shoot = no other people but you)

Where can I book the Vienna Photo Shoot Experience?
You can either send me an email or a text on WhatsApp.
Most days the tour starts at 4pm near Albertina.

However please write me beforehand. 

For private tours let me know your favorite time and date!
Basically the tour is possible any time from Monday to Sunday (depending on my schedule).

Email: andreas@cochic-photography.com 
WhatsApp: +4369919541200

Is it possible to do other kind of photo shoots / or do shoots outside of Vienna?
That's totally possible. Be it surprise proposals, engagement photos, pre- or after wedding shoots,
bachelor(ette) groups, weddings, anniversaries or any other type, just let me know!

Also concenring locations I am flexible. Popular destinations are Hallstatt or Salzburg which I offer, too.
The prices will differ of course as these photo shoots / tours would last all day. Please contact me for details.

Andreas Kowacsik

Your Photographer

My name is Andreas, I was born in Vienna and I still live here.

Although I have university degrees in business and philosophy I ended up in photography as it has been my true passion to this day ;)

I took the state exam in photography in 2012 and since then I've been a full time professional photographer, specialized in portraits and weddings.

My other passion besides photography is traveling.
I love visiting other countries and getting to know various cultures and people.

You can view more of my work here: https://www.instagram.com/cochic/ https://www.cochic-photography.com/

Let me capture beautiful portraits of you in Vienna while exploring the places of "Before Sunrise"! I would love to hear from you!