"Before Sunrise" |Photography Tour |Vienna

Experience a unique photoshoot tour at the most important spots
from the famous movie "Before Sunrise"


Have you ever wished to walk around Vienna
just as Jesse and Celine?
This is exactly what I'm offering in this tour.
Explore the most fascinating spots of the movie and combine it with a photo shoot where I will create some  stunning photos of you.

Starting at Westbahnhof 
the train station where Jesse and Celine begin their 24 hour journey 
we will explore the city visiting most of the spots from the movie.

​Among other places we will pass the music store where the have their first kiss, we are going to see the coffee house where they have their famous telephone scene and pass the canal where they meet the artist who writes a poem for them.

We will mainly be walking and while visiting these spots I will take beautiful and natural portrait photos of you.

This experience is unique in Vienna, you will not find it anywhere else. Feel like a movie star for a day and let me create unforgettable memories for you and your loved ones.

A selection of photos from this tour

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does this tour take?
The "Before Sunrise" photo shoot tour will take about 2-3 hours.
Where will the tour take us?
We will start at train station "Westbahnhof" , then we will  proceed to the historical centre and end the tour at Prater.
On our way I will stop at multiple spots from "Before Sunrise"
Will we also see different places or sites?
This tour follows the famous spots from the movie "Before Sunrise".
We will not particularly visit other places but as the tour leads us through Vienna you will certainly see different sites.
Do you recommend this tour without knowing the movie?
Definitely. This photo shoot tour will bring you to some of the most beautiful places in Vienna, so it's definitely worth it.
You can also watch the "Before Sunrise" movie afterwards :)
Will we see all the places from the movie?
While I do my best to include all the important spots, Vienna is simply too big of a city to visit every single spot in such a "short" time. 
For example we will not visit the cemetery as it is situated at the very border of Vienna.
How many people can join this tour? And is there a minimum of people required?
There is no minimum requirement. I can do the tour with only one person. 
Up to 6 people can join this tour. These can be six individuals, three couples, one big group or any combination.
How many photos do I get and when do I get them?
You will receive about 20 photos, edited and ready for your Social Media :) 
You can expect them about 48 hours after the tour.
How much does the photo tour cost?
The price of the tour is 129 Euros per person.
There are discounts for families and couples, please contact me to get specific information.
Where can I book the "Before Sunset" photoshoot experience?
You can either send me an email or a text on WhatsApp with your preferred date and time.
There is no fixed timetable for this tour.
Basically the tour is possible any time from Monday to Sunday (depending on my schedule).

Email: andreas@cochic-photography.com
WhatsApp: +4369919541200

Andreas Kowacsik

Your Photographer

My name is Andreas, I was born in Vienna and I still live here.

Although I have university degrees in business and philosophy I ended up in photography as it has been my true passion to this day ;)

I took the state exam in photography in 2012 and since then I've been a full time professional photographer, specialized in portraits and weddings.

My other passion besides photography is traveling.
I love visiting other countries and getting to know various cultures and people.

You can view more of my work here: https://www.instagram.com/cochic/ https://www.cochic-photography.com/

Let me capture beautiful portraits of you in Vienna while exploring the places of "Before Sunrise"! I would love to hear from you!

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