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My name is Andreas Kowacsik and I am a portrait and wedding photographer in Vienna. After my degrees in Business and philosophy, I decided to go a different path and followed my true passion – photography. All my shootings take place in “real” places and not in the studio. I mainly photograph people and always attach great importance to authenticity and naturalness in my photos.

Even though I’m based in Vienna, I like to travel to the other end of the world for your shoot/wedding. My photo shoots have already led me to England, Germany, Spain and Switzerland.

If you are interested in a photo shoot with me, please contact me here.

In addition to my work as a photographer, I also help other photographers develop by coaching them, writing articles in photo magazines and lecturing on online platforms such as FotoTV Keep. 2015 I have also developed my own online course for photographers on the subject of photo editing – Lightroom 80/20.

“I never like myself in photos!“

Do you think so? You don’t like photos of yourself and you feel you’re not photogenic at all?

You’re not alone. I have already photographed more than 1000 people and about 900 of them told me that they are not photogenic.

In my experience, people feel this way for two reasons:

  1. Because we are our greatest critics – When we look at a photo of ourselves, we notice things like the eyes are not the same size or the upper lip is smaller then the lower lip, etc. – Things that no one else is aware of. You always find „mistakes“ if you look hard enough.
  2. Because we actually look unfavorable in a photo. Due to a bad pose, a wrong perspective , or an unfavorable exposure. Or even more fundamental – we feel insecure and uncomfortable during the photo shoot – and we convey these feelings in the photo as well.

As far as the second point is concerned, you can confidently rely on me. I’m going to guide you, so you look good in any case. As good as you have never looked in a photo.


Words of Love:

“We couldn’t have imagined

a better wedding photographer!”

– Simone & Philipp

“It’s incredible how you managed to capture

our most beautiful moments.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

– Veronika & Stefan

“Picking you was the ideal choice!

We love to look at our beautiful photo album

and every time we think of our wedding day,

we become very emotional.”

– Anja & Aleš

“You are such a great photographer, thank you 1000 times!

I’m so happy with the photos!!!”

– Isabelle

“You can handle kids as well as bad weather conditions.

Our family photos are too beautiful to be true! 

Thank you!”


Due to your photos, our special day became a perfect one.

We had a lot of fun with you and

we will certainly recommend you to our friends!

– Vroni & Sani

“We knew why we asked you to be our wedding photographer

even before we a date for our wedding.

 The “In Love Photos” as well as our wedding photos

really exceeded our expectations! “

– Tina & Grégoire